Welcome to the LERNER DNA History Project

New Data for Lerner Genealogists

Y chromosome DNA testing now allows for discovering both close and more distant relationships among families named Lerner.


Find out where you are in the Lerner family tree


Discover where your Lerner ancestors came from and how they lived





Our goal is to unite and support the genealogists researching LERNER family lines by using the latest in DNA analysis.  Rapid advances in DNA testing for genealogy by sampling along the Y-chromosome allow for many families to determine with increasing certainty whether they have a common male ancestor and approximately when he lived.


This project aims to compare the DNA of LERNER males to find matches showing a recent common ancestor as well as developing clusters of related family groups sharing the same background. 






We will bring together people interested in their Lerner family history in order that this story may be shared, expanded upon, and kept alive to be handed down to our children and our children's children.

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Discovering Our LERNER Roots