Rabbinical Family from Ukraine

Shevach Lerner was one in a line of eight generations of Lerner Rabbis.


A widely dispersed Family

Some of the towns the Lerner families lived in include: Dinovtsy, Kitaygorod, Munkacs, Balin, Tereshpol, Volochisk.  They also had extensive ties to Bessarabia.


Shevach Lerner (ca. 1800-1855)


One grouping of closely related families are descended from their common ancestor Shevach Lerner who lived from around 1800 to 1855.   He has been described as the famous Rabbi of Kitaygorod, a small town near Kamenets-Podolsk, in Podolia Gubernia, Ukraine (formerly Russia.)

Shevach Lerner married a Rashi descendant by the name of Devorah, granddaughter of Rabbi Shoel Tishilis.  This Lerner family has a family tree showing the unbroken descendancy from Rashi's oldest daughter, going back to the early 11th century.

Shevach Lerner had four sons, all of them Rabbis: Samuel, Israel Abraham, Mordecai, and Mendel, as well as two daughters, names unknown.  They were Rabbis in the towns of Dinovtsy, Tereshpol and Balin, Munkacs, and Kitaygorod, respectively.

Closely related to this group is another Lerner family group descended from Shevach's father and at least one brother, names presently unknown to us.  This brother had a son named Menachem-Mendel who lived approximately 1830-1885 and was Rabbi in Volochisk.



Are You Related to Shevach Lerner?

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