Who Can Join:

Anyone interested in pursuing their Lerner genealogy may join this group. Only men can be tested, however, because the specific genetic markers selected for determining recent ancestry are located on the Y-chromosome which only men have. The Y chromosome is inherited by men from their fathers.  This is why it is used for determining patrilineal ancestry, which is closely related to surname transmission.  Men with the surname Lerner or who are otherwise descended through the Lerner male line are eligible to participate in the DNA testing.  


Lerner women are most welcome to participate in the DNA Project by sponsoring a male Lerner family member for the test.  This could be a Lerner-surnamed brother, father, grandfather, uncle, or cousin.  Women are encouraged to submit their Lerner ancestor tree to find out where they and their family fit in the Lerner family genealogy.  Men who are descended from LERNER on their mother's side can participate in these ways as well.  


Support the Lerner Family DNA Project:

Another way to join and support the Lerner DNA project, particularly if you cannot find a male Lerner to provide a DNA sample, would be to donate to the Lerner Family DNA Testing Fund so that another Lerner family member can be tested who may not otherwise be able to afford the test.   Anyone can contribute.  Family Tree DNA has set up such a Fund for the Lerner Family, details below.   


Ordering the Test:

Go to the Family Tree DNA website: https://www.familytreedna.com/group-join.aspx?Group=Lerner and click on "Contact Project Administrator." Send us an e-mail telling us why you would flike to join the LERNER Family DNA Project and we can include you. Once you have joined our group you will be automatically entitled to discounted pricing when you order a DNA test kit.  


Anyone who is interested in finding a close relationship ( i.e., within 5 generations) with other tested Lerners should order the 67-marker test.  A 12 marker test may be the way to start if you have little to no idea whether you might be related to the other Lerners in our database.  Should you get a result from the 12-marker test that indicates you are probably closely related to other Lerners, you may then pay to upgrade your results to the 37 or 67-marker test which could provide a more exact indication of where in recent time that relationship could exist, specifically who the Most Recent Common Ancestor might have been and where he probably lived.  It is not necessary to be re-tested.  Family Tree DNA's labs will keep the test samples preserved for 25 years so that upgrades can be performed as desired and as the technology becomes more refined .  The above link will send you to the order page with the group pricing once you are a member.



Submit Your Family Tree:

This is one of the most important steps in linking our family stories with the DNA results.  Many of us are looking to trace our Lerner ancestry further back in time, as well as to fill out our family trees and find relationships to other Lerners.  We can only do this if we succeed in linking the paper trail - i.e., the history we have gathered about our ancestors' names, dates, and towns where they lived, with the DNA results.  We can only do this if we bring our historical data together and try to link it.  The DNA will help us do that.  For this reason, all participants are highly encouraged to submit the results of their genealogical research to date including ancestor trees to the Project Administrator.  Information about living people need not be included.  In return, we will compile and share our world-wide "Lerner" family tree and everything we have learned about the Lerner family history with all participants as it is developed.


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